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Monday, January 01, 2007

We Don't Compare Our Trials

M&M just gave me a great reminder in a post she wrote a few months ago about a friend of hers that passed away from cancer. It is so easy to to think we should feel guilty for having a hard time with our trials when we know that others are having a harder time.
So who was the one who came to comfort me and to listen? You guessed it. Here she was, facing the possibility that her cancer would not go away this time around, and she was listening to me sob and vent my concerns and doubts and fears. Of course, it's because she understood. As I apologized for complaining about my life, given what her life entailed, I realized that the severity of her trials didn't change what my trials were to me. (We can't compare suffering.) She never made me feel that she "won" because her health problems were worse. She just cared.


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