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Friday, November 24, 2006

Buy Nothing Day

In a post about Buy Nothing Day, there were some good comments that got me thinking.

First we heard from Andrew who said, "Buy nothing day is every Sunday for a mormon."

MLU jumped on that by saying

That’s what I’ve always thought.

It seems a bit forlorn that those caught in the Sabbathless pursuit
of success–or something that feels meaningful–would find stepping aside
from commerce for one day a year to be revolutionary.

It more illustrates their essential bondage, I think.

It is an interesting argument for the return of the Sabbath day from a secular perspective. It seems we keep finding arguments for religious things from a secular perspective. In the end, that should be no surprise. God wasn't going to tell us the wrong stuff, after all. Human knowledge, as it progresses, must generally move towards convergence with the truths that God has revealed.


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